Who was killed and why the environmental Berta Cáceres in Honduras?

BY Ximena Alfaro and Gustavo Arias / gustavo.arias@nacion.com - Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 12:12 p.m.

The environmental Berta Caceres was killed Thursday in Honduras. Police say it was a robbery, but her family are clear that the reasons point to another direction.
Caceres, coordinator of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Copinh) and Goldman Prize winner, led the fight against the construction of the hydroelectric dam Agua Zarca in the Gualcarque river, department of Santa Barbara, northwest of Honduras.
The project, which initially had funding from the World Bank and the Chinese company Sinohydro, threatened to leave without water hundreds of Lenca native ethnic group to which belonged Caceres.

"We see ourselves as custodians of nature, the earth, and especially rivers. The dam Agua Zarca would have meant displacement and would have prevented the community to develop their agricultural activities. Not only the river but several kilometers privatizes radius "said the environmentalist in an interview with the BBC in April 2015.

Caceres, who had four children, received for her opposition to the project saw numerous threats and several comrades were killed.

Caceres struggle against the dam started in 2006 and had its tense moments in 2013, when the Lenca people began with roadblocks to prevent the entry of machinery to the area. This strategy was used for about a year. Three indigenous leaders were killed during the fighting"There were military presence and harassment, police, private guards, sicarios. Even the police took actions that pointed the barrels of their guns to the heads of children and the elderly," Caceres said in his interview with BBC.

Finally, the campaign led by Caceres got Sinohydro and the International Finance Corporation (of the World Bank) to abandon the project, which is currently being held.

Honduras against environmentalists. During 2014, according to Global Witness, Honduras was the country that registered more per capita murders of environmentalists worldwide, with 12. From 2002 to 2014, 111 were killed environmentalists.

"The Honduran defenders who expose environmental problems and instruct citizens about their rights to land and food have been described as resistance fighters, guerrillas, terrorists, political opponents or criminals," explains the former Special Rapporteur of the UN on the situation of human rights defenders Margaret Sekaggya in a report by Global Witness.

Most conflicts are related to hydroelectric projects and mining. By: 


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Reflecting back, wayyyy back to the dark ages

Reflecting back, wayyyy back to the dark ages. When Presidents stumbled getting off airplanes or talked about tightening our belts. When fights broke out in gasoline lines to get a few gallons below $1.00 before the pump ran out. When disco was king, and the Queen's son was young and available and heir to the throne. When cop shows were comedies, and Iran was buying US airplanes. When rivers were catching fire; and Earth, Wind and Fire were Grammy stars. When Pluto was a planet, and also an affable cartoon dog without advertising logos stamped on him. When women of the year were humanitarians or world leaders, not ex-male Olympian reality TV stars. When... well, you get the idea. Have things really changed THAT much? Not for single moms trying to eek out a living for themselves and their kids. Not for coal miners dying in dying towns. Not for Blacks in northern cities without a voice in their own destiny. Not for economic and war refugees being treated like a viral pandemic. Not for small businesses being squeezed on one side by large corporations, and on the other by mountains of government regulations. Not for service workers or factory workers--or just workers in general--who find themselves on the liabilities side of the balance sheet, rather than the assets side, where they belong. And, not for me. I have the same hopes and dreams. The same awe for a stunning sunrise. The same body that I'm never quite happy with. The same internal demons that I must vanquish daily. To all of you everywhere who have shown me kindness and affection and tolerance over the years, I can't possibly thank you enough. YOU have been the difference, and always will be. I love you from deep in my soul. -- Mark, 61 (and still counting, slowly)


Delmarva Fishing Reports


In ocean city the flounder bite has really picked up big time. Boats are catching 10-15 keepers a trip into the mid 20" range. The hot spots have been the thorofare and behind assateague near the duck blinds. Flounder fishing has also been good at the inshore wrecks but tog and sea bass have been pretty slow. Bluefish can be found at the fingers and lumps and snappers are being caught in the bay. There's been a few sheepshead caught but nothing consistent. There's still a few mako being caught around 20 fathoms. The tuna bite in the canyons has been a Little slower the last couple of days. Boats either caught 1-2 or got skunked yesterday. There's been a few white and blue marlin caught and mahi are pretty plentiful. The first wahoo of the season was caught last weekend. Seems really early! I just saw that the first sheepshead of the year for Indian river inlet was caught this morning. Rockfish have been hit or miss. Last week was really good for schoolie sized fish and a couple keepers mixed in but I haven't heard anything this week. I think everyone's focus is either offshore or flounder at this point.

Chesapeake bay:

There's still some really nice rock fish being caught. Trolling is the best method right now. People are still catching their limits of over/under fish around deale. Guys chumming are producing some nice fish just south of the bay bridge. For those jigging fishing has been a little more tough but they are still catching some nice ones. Croaker is starting to get good. Red drum are still hanging south but a few nice fish have been caught in MD waters. Still haven't heard much about speckled trout unfortunately! Snapper blues are becoming more and more plentiful throughout the bay. Cobia is HOT at the CBBT and I'm planning to give that a shot this weekend. They're also catching some flounder down there as well.

Plenty of options for a good weekend of fishing!